Bermuda 7 day - Fun "N" Sun Cruise 2011

My Layaway Travel; would like to invite you to our Bermuda Fun ‘N’ Sun Cruise! We are going to have some amazing fun in the sun on the wonderful island of Bermuda. With it’s pink beaches, world renowned Spa’s and some of the Best Golf in the World.

You have 3 day to enjoy all that Bermuda has to offer; with enjoying a exciting time on your Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship! Offering you and your family one of a kind activities like bowling and the First to bring you FREE Style Cruising; meaning no set time do ANYTHING. Just WOW yourself at your own pleasure!

For being part of our Group You will Get a FREE $50 Ship Board Credit


a chance to attend our Meet and Greet of FREE Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres